Aspen Leaf Spa in Leavenworth, WA

"Massage and body treatments"

Aspen Leaf Spa

About Aspen Leaf Spa

Aspen Leaf Spa at Sleeping Lady provides essential calm in surroundings inspired by and in cooperation with nature.
Located in the heart of Sleeping Lady’s environmentally progressive Mountain Resort, the Aspen Leaf facility features fair trade, repurposed and resource-efficient materials that respect the planet’s well-being and zero-VOC paints, natural products and holistic treatments that respect yours.

We embrace an eco•logical approach, making thoughtful choices to create a meaningful connection between our guests and the natural environment. Our professional, licensed, and dedicated staff members are committed to bringing wellness to you and your environment today, tomorrow and beyond.

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Contact Information

7375 Icicle Road
Leavenworth, WA

Hours of Operation: Call for appointment

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