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We're Bavarian charm and Northwest hospitality

"We're Bavarian charm and Northwest hospitality"

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A little about Leavenworth

In the early 1960's, town leaders had a bright idea: change Leavenworth's appearance to draw visitors. If the gorgeous alpine hills had no equal except in German Bavaria, the city planned on completing the experience. This was no mere facelift. In addition to completely renovating the downtown area, community leaders created a series of festivals, drawing revelers into town. From there, the Autumn Leaf Festival, Maifest, and the immensely popular Christmas Lighting Festivals were born and continue to this day. To say the change worked is like saying you can taste a hint of cabbage in kraut. For decades, Leavenworth has been a top tourist destination in the Pacific Northwest. More than a million tourists walk our streets every year, finding Bavarian authenticity and Northwest hospitality.

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The history of Leavenworth

Our bountiful land was known among Native Americans as some of the most plentiful land anyone had laid eyes on. The Yakama, Chinook and Wenatchi tribes all hunted the same land for deer & elk, and also fished Icicle Creek for salmon. Settlers hungry for gold, timber, and furs soon settled the area, and by 1890, Icicle Flats was born. The area exploded with the arrival of the rail line near the turn of the century. At that point, Leavenworth was a whole lot less Bavaria and a whole lot more Deadwood! The logging and sawmill business was great…until it wasn't. When the railroad re-routed its rails and moved out of town, it almost turned Leavenworth into a ghost town. The area scuffled along for more than thirty years, always on the brink of extinction. In the early 1960’s, town leaders had a bright idea: change Leavenworth's appearance to draw visitors. If the gorgeous alpine hills had no equal except in German Bavaria, the city planned on completing the experience.

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Leavenworth, Washington

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Businesses in Leavenworth, Washington

Here is a collection of downtown Leavenworth, Washington businesses. Clicking on the thumbnail image, or the blue "View Member" will take you to that businesses page. We've included some jump links so that you can easily navigate to different categories of businesses. Those, can be found directly below as icons. Or, there is a list of categories in the menu bar.


Metal Waterfall Gallery


Copper and brass sculptures


Abendblume Pension


Inspired by fine European country inns


All Seasons River Inn


A boutique inn experience at a riverfront Bed and Breakfast


Autumn Pond B&B


Surrounded by panoramic views of the majestic Cascades


Eagle Creek Cottage at the Winery


Old-world European charm with all the conveniences of today


Granite Hills Inn


Built with our guests in mind.


Eagle Creek Winery

Museums / Attractions

Located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains


Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum

Museums / Attractions

Museum shows over 6,000 nutcrackers dating back to Roman Times


Silvara Vineyards

Museums / Attractions

Our variety of wines is sure to have something to please everyone.


Cafe Mozart Restaurant


Austrian, German, French and Northwest specialties


Cafe Verona


Best food, prices and portions around


Gingerbread Factory


Cookies, Espresso, Breakfast, Lunch, Desserts and Gifts


Icicle Brewing Company


Flavorful ales and lagers for your enjoyment.


Visconti's of Leavenworth


Renown for our creative Italian dishes


Aspen Leaf Spa


Essential calm in surroundings inspired by nature


Leavenworth Boutique


Signs, clothing, jewelry and more


Orange Zipper Urban Merchantile


You will love this store!




Gourmet chocolate boutique


The Cheesemonger's Shop


Over 80 types of cheese


The Hat and Wood Shop


Featuring fun and functional hats for everyone!