The Conner Hotel in Jerome, AZ

"Located just above the Spirit Room "

The Conner Hotel

About The Conner Hotel

Built in 1898 by David Connor, the Connor Hotel of Jerome has a colorful past, ranging from the heights of luxury to the depths of squalor and back again. Originally designed with 20 rooms upstairs.
The rooms sat vacant and derelict for the rest of the century, until we bit the bullet and embarked upon the major project of correcting the safety issues and providing the amenities and creature comforts that today’s guests have come to expect. Now, with a new fire escape, fire sprinkler system, and safe new wiring in place, not to mention many other modern conveniences, we invite you to enjoy the most comfortable piece of history that the West has to offer!

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160 Main Street
Jerome, AZ

Hours of Operation:

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