8750 Alt Private Gym in Telluride, CO

"Just keep moving!"

8750 Alt Private Gym

About 8750 Alt Private Gym

8750ALT The Telluride Gym is Telluride's 24 hour Gym and Fitness Facility. Come check out our great selection of Cardiovascular Equipment, Plate Weights, TRX Suspension Trainers, and Hoist Multifunction Full Body Trainer. We have a great membership and our personal trainer Nicole Stone-Lankes is always excited to meet other work out enthusiasts. Don't wait to join the best community of health seekers in Telluride. We also have a fantastic Physical Therapy team present at 8750ALT, come say hi to the crew at Balanced Therapy. If you are looking for a new gym to call home in Telluride, 8750ALT would love to have you. Whether you are looking for a drop in to continue your daily routine or a routine to incorporate daily we are here for you! As Nicole loves to say "Whatever you do, Just keep moving!".

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Contact Information

317 E. Colorado Avenue
Telluride, CO

Hours of Operation: Always open

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