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Surrounded by natural beauty

"Surrounded by natural beauty"

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A little about St. James

Visit our historic downtown and award winning wineries.

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The history of St. James

St. James was the birthplace and part-time home of Lucy Wortham James, a wealthy philanthropist known for her purchase and preservation of Maramec Spring Park. She was a descendant of Thomas James, who founded the Meramec Iron Works, and as such was a member of one of the most eminent local families. The James Foundation, a charitable organization she founded, is responsible for the St. James city park and library as well as Meramec Spring Park. She is a local hero, and St. James' public elementary school is named for her. She and her family, along with the Meramec Iron Works, are emphasized in the school's lessons on local history, and the city library showcases items once belonging to her.

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100 State Route B
St. James, Missouri

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Businesses in St. James, Missouri

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Bass' River Resort


Have some fun down in the country!


Huzzah Valley Resort


We make your vacation dreams a reality.


Tiger Shark Waterpark

Museums / Attractions

Join us and get your swim on!


Vacuum Museum

Museums / Attractions

The Louvre of suction


Addie's Daddy's Place


Fresh and comfortable


Bistro d' Vine


A classic lunch for a sip of wine


Muttley's Pub


Neighborhood pub with traditional fare




Well prepared fresh food and great wine list


Fanning 66 Outpost


Home of the world's largest rocking chair.


Forest City Footwear


Customers fit here!