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Freight House

About Freight House

he Freight House Restaurant & Night Club is the premiere hot spot in Stillwater, MN featuring the largest patio in the area, DJ and live music, 2 kitchens, 5 bars, and pristine view of the beautiful St. Croix River & historic liftbridge.

The depot was finished in January of 1883, handling as many as seventy rail cars a day and housing the areas telegraph office. In later years, Curtis Feed and Coal and the Farm Service Store operated out of the “Freight House,” as it was then called. In 1970, the Milwaukee Road Railroad closed the agency and the building was sold.

In 1979, the historical significance of the building was recognized and the Freight House became the first building in Stillwater to be placed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

The building still stands as it did over a century ago. It remains a symbol of Stillwater’s colorful and historic past, as the popular “Freight House Restaurant and Night Club."

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Contact Information

305 Water Street S.
Stillwater, MN

Hours of Operation: Open at 11 daily, Sun to Thur 9pm, Fri Sat 2am

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