Blue River Campground in Seward, NE

"Nice setting with amenities "

Blue River Campground

About Blue River Campground

There are NO RESERVATIONS for camping, it is on a first come basis.

The camping area is open from April 1st through November 1st.

The fee is $10.00 per night for campers and $7.00 per night for tents. Cost for senior citizens (65 or older) is

There is a 14 day maximum stay limit.

Features of the camping area include:
- 16 crushed rock pads with electrical hook-ups
- A portable handicapped accessible restroom and a water hydrant
- A dump station
- Playground equipment, grills, and picnic tables

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Contact Information


6th and Ash
Seward, NE

Hours of Operation: Open April 1 to November 1

Fall specials start now. Inquires can be made at the office.

7 years ago

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