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New town, old ways

"New town, old ways"

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A little about Seaside

If you could build a town from scratch, where and how would you do it? J.S. Smolian had such a dream and Seaside it the result. Natural, pastel, warm and active are all integrated into one community. Our citizens are glad they're here and will be glad you're here as well.

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The history of Seaside

You know Seaside now. The pastel houses. The picket fences. The families riding to the ice cream shop, bike following bike following bike. It seems impossible to imagine, but long before what you see today, Seaside was just a dream. A dream that started with one man. J.S. Smolian had always had an intense connection to this part of the Gulf Coast. The sugar white sand. The turquoise blue water. He loved the way this place pulled his family together. The magical way it synced them. He loved watching his grandchildren become brilliant beach castle architects. He loved watching his children become themselves again. In 1981, Seaside was born. Over 30 years after J.S. first acted on his dream, Robert realized his own.It was the dream we all have for life itself. Simple. Beautiful. Graceful. Elegant.

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Seaside, Florida

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Businesses in Seaside, Florida

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Newbill Collection by the Sea


Contemporary and fine art


The Justin Gaffrey Studio


One artists inspiration


Fired-Up Pottery Painting

Museums / Attractions

Create your own piece of art


Rolland's Salon & Art Gallery




Deja-vu on the Beach


Affordable trendy clothing and accessories


Elliott Boutique


Quality women's resort and beach apparel




Meant to be worn


ONO Surf Shop


Gear up for the surf, the beach or the night after


Seaside Classic


Simple, Timeless, Comfortable