Zero Point in Standpoint, ID

"The beauty of nature"

Zero Point

About Zero Point

ero Point offers an exquisite collection of Jewelry, Clothing, Gifts, Art and More. We have something for everyone. We began our quest of discovery more than twenty-five years ago and continue providing unique exceptional pieces from around world. Kathy and William have carefully hand selected each product for its beauty, quality, and its authentic and meaningful nature. Our unique and soulful gifts are designed to support you in your personal spiritual practice and in the creation of a sacred sanctuary for your mind, body and soul. It is our hope that they will inspire you, nurture you, and help guide you along your journey. If you would like to experience our beautiful Store please visit us in downtown Sandpoint, Idaho or you can find us on the web.

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Contact Information

330 North First Street
Standpoint, ID

Hours of Operation: Mo tnru Sat 10-5, Sun 11-5

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