Finian McDonald Clothing Company in Sandpoint, ID

"We can gear you up for the outdoors"

Finian McDonald Clothing Company

About Finian McDonald Clothing Company

Finan McDonald Clothing Company opened it’s doors in downtown Sandpoint almost 25 yrs ago and has been a tourist’s and local’s favorite ever since. Owners Ben and Rhonda Tate started out selling men’s clothing with an outdoor feel, and quickly expanded to women’s apparel, too. Another store was added in downtown Coeur d’Alene in 1998. Both stores carry a broad range of clothing, footwear, and accessories that are perfect for enjoying North Idaho’s outdoor lifestyle.

Want to know about the name? Finan McDonald was a 6' 5" wild red haired Scotsman. He must’ve been an imposing figure around here back in 1807 when the average height was just over 5'!. He set up trading posts throughout the inland northwest and British Columbia as a fur trapper/trader, and embodied the spirit of adventure of this beautiful area. He also had a great name.

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Contact Information

301 North 1st Avenue
Sandpoint, ID

Hours of Operation: 9-6 Daily

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