Remington Nature Center in Saint Joseph, MO

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Remington Nature Center

About Remington Nature Center

The Remington Nature Center of St. Joseph provides an opportunity for education and interpretation of nature and conservation, relative to the significance of the Missouri River and Northwest Missouri. The City of St. Joseph utilizes the 13,000 square foot center for educational purposes in an entertaining and enjoyable environment. With the variety of displays and information available, the center appeals to people of all ages and interests. Several interactive components allow people to use their senses to learn about and appreciate the natural environment, as well as the events that impacted nature in and around Northwest Missouri.

Another important aspect is the portrayal of the native land and abundant plant and animal life that sustained human habitation. The nature center has many displays featuring animal habitats including a beaver dam, beehive, and 7,000-gallon native fish aquarium.

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Contact Information

1502 MacArthur Drive
Saint Joseph, MO

Hours of Operation: Mon thru Sat 10-5, Sun 1-5

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