Not Just Desserts by Mom in Saint Joseph, MO

"Fresh food, family friendly."

About Not Just Desserts by Mom

At Not Just Desserts by Mom, we bake everything from scratch! "Always Fresh, Never Frozen".
We offer homemade goodness in every bite, from our breakfast stromboli, biscuits and gravy, and made to order breakfast burrito's.
Come in for a lunch quiche and salad, or ask about our soup of the day!
You'll feel right at home in mom's kitchen, whether you're stopping in for a home cooked meal or special ordering the perfect dessert!
Our pastries are generously portioned to satisfy your craving and our cheesecake and tortes are unbelievably rich and moist!
Check out our Facebook page for daily menu options and keep us in mind for the upcoming Eclipse 2017!

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Contact Information

Phone: 816.344.0969

505 Francis
Saint Joseph, MO

Hours of Operation: Mon - fri. 7am - 2:30pm sat. 8am - Noon

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