The Adobe Fine Art in Ruidoso, NM

"A world of hand created wonder"

The Adobe Fine Art

About The Adobe Fine Art

The Adobe Fine Art presents world-class contemporary art masters of diverse genres and historical art works. The Adobe has emerged as an award winning art center. Come see our rich mix of original fine art paintings, bronze sculpture, designer jewelry, and decoratives. In keeping with New Mexico's remarkable silver and gold jewelry heritage, we feature some of the finest silversmiths in the world.

With a vibrant cultural, geographic, and historical legacy, artists and collectors will always be drawn to Ruidoso and the inspiring Sierra Blanca. The Adobe invites you to experience our 10,000 square feet dedicated to the arts.

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Contact Information

2905 Sudderth Drive
Ruidoso, NM

Hours of Operation: Mon thru Sat 10-5

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