Brown County Winery in Nashville, IN

"Local excellence "

Brown County Winery

About Brown County Winery

Our goal at Brown County Winery is to produce high quality local wines, and offer them at a reasonable price. We want our customers to have an educational and enjoyable tasting experience, in a relaxed atmosphere. Our wines exemplify what Brown County is all about, handcrafted locally made products.

Our wine making style emphasizes natural flavors in our grape wines, as well as our fruit wines. At Brown County Winery we're not afraid to use cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, or any other type of fruit to create our next new product. Although our best selling wines are sweet and semi-sweet, we also offer award winning dry wines.

Quality wine should be available to everyone regardless of their experience. Finding a wine to match your individual taste is easy whether you're an experienced wine consumer or a novice. No matter what your personal taste we guarantee that your visit to Brown County Winery will prove to be an enjoyable, satisfying, and a highlight of your trip.

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Contact Information

4520 State Road 46 East
Nashville, IN

Hours of Operation:

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