Ben & Flo's in Mount Vernon, IA

"The art of the possible"

Ben & Flo's

About Ben & Flo's

Ben & Flo’s is situated in a 130-year-old Victorian painted lady, located in uptown Mount Vernon, Iowa. We specialize in luxurious fibers, creative patterns and the tools needed to create them.

Our offerings are unique to the region and will make your project a joy to create. Fibers range from merino wools, blends of alpaca, cashmere, cottons and silks, to bamboo and pearls—yes, pearls. It’s all here.

Take your time at Ben & Flo’s. Admire the architecture of the marvelous building, have a cup of tea, join friends on one of the porches for a stitching session, or sign up for a class to build your skills.

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Contact Information


223 First St. West
Mount Vernon, IA

Hours of Operation: Tues thru Sat 10-5

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