Westview Bed & Breakfast in Lincoln, NE

"A large beautiful residence located in scenic countryside"

Westview Bed & Breakfast

About Westview Bed & Breakfast

In 1869 about a fourth of the Lancaster County Board minutes was devoted to allocations to the overseers of the paupers... a pair of shoes, firewood, groceries, rent, meals and coffins were specifically allocated for people who could not afford to support themselves. It was then called "outdoor assistance".

On April 2, 1871, it was announced by the County Board without any allocation hearing or bond issue, that the overseers of the paupers were discharged and their charges would henceforth go to live in the "commodious" county residence for paupers. This residence was to be supported by the 240 acres of the county farm.

Today that historic home serves its guests as a stately bed and breakfast with five unique guest rooms in scenic surroundings. Check our site for all we have to offer.

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Contact Information

7000 NW 27th St.
Lincoln, NE

Hours of Operation: Contact for availability

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