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Step Back in Time Tours

About Step Back in Time Tours

Jim Smith, your step-on-tour guide was born and raised in Jamesport, owned JJ's Restauraunt (1985-2000) and gave his first tour in 1985. From his experiences of growing up and attending school with the Amish he shares his KNOWLEDGE and experiences of living among the Amish as no one else can. Jim explains the facts from the fiction on your journey back into time as you explore a real Amish home, stables, workshop, country stores and bakery. You will experience a community that time has forgotten and everyday life as it was for our acestors for REAL People and NOT Actors! People come every year to see what these "Plain People" are missing out on life but leave this tour with a realization that just maybe we WE are the ones missing out! Fantastic tours for all ages to see, learn, experience, and remember forever

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Contact Information

300 S. Williams St.
Jamesport, MO

Hours of Operation: Call to reserve

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