La Petite Auberge in Fredericksburg, VA

"A truly remarkable dining experience"

La Petite Auberge

About La Petite Auberge

Since 1981, La Petite Auberge has been owned and operated by the Renault family. We are located in the heart of the historic district in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia. Throughout the years, we have forged an excellent reputation among our loyal, local customers and tourists visiting our beautiful city. Our specialties are traditional French cuisine and regional dishes. We pride ourselves in offering the best quality meats and seafood available, as well as locally farmed produce. Our menus are composed daily and change according to the market and seasons. Bon Appetit!

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Contact Information


311 William Street
Fredericksburg, VA

Hours of Operation: Mon thru Sat lunch beginning at 11;30, dinner at 5

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