Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City, KS

"Cowboy Hall of Fame. "

Boot Hill Museum

About Boot Hill Museum

Boot Hill Museum has over 60,000 objects, photographs, and documents. The Museum has obtained these over its lifetime from donations and a limited number of purchases. Most of the items date from Dodge City's early days in the 1870's through the 1920's, and most belonged to the original residents of Dodge City. Many items were acquired by Boot Hill Museum from the Beeson Museum when it closed in 1964. The Beeson family began acquiring much of their collection in the late 19th century, starting with Chalkley, an owner of the original Long Branch Saloon. His sons, Merritt and Otero, continued collecting and opened the Beeson Museum in the 1930's. Originally housed in the basement of the family home in South Dodge, it was later moved a few blocks to South Second. Both Beeson Museum buildings no longer exist.

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500 West Wyatt Earp Boulevard
Dodge City, KS

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 9a-5p; Sun 1p-5p

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