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"Charlevoix the Beautiful"

""Charlevoix the Beautiful""

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A little about Charlevoix

The City of Charlevoix, also known as Charlevoix the Beautiful, is located in Charlevoix County in beautiful northwest Michigan. The City borders picturesque Round Lake, Lake Michigan, and Lake Charlevoix. Charlevoix first became a village in 1871 and was later established as a city in 1905. Charlevoix has a year round population of roughly 3,000 people. The population increases dramatically in the summer months due to tourism and the high number of vacation/seasonal homes. In addition to the typical services offered by cities, Charlevoix is also proud to provide residents and visitors a municipal airport, golf course, marina, ski hill, skateboard park, performance pavilion, four beaches, and seven parks.

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The history of Charlevoix

Charlevoix is named after Pierre François Xavier de Charlevoix, a French explorer who travelled the Great Lakes and was said to have stayed the night on Fisherman's Island one night during a harsh storm. Charlevoix was mainly initially settled by fishermen who were there by 1852.[10] Soon after its formation in the 1850s, Charlevoix entered into a short lived conflict with Jesse Strang, leader and namesake of the Strangite Mormons, and then king of Beaver Island. Relations between Charlevoix residents and the Strangites were often tense. In 1853, a gunfight broke out between the two groups as the townspeople refused to hand over a man who was called for jury duty on the island, an event known locally as The Battle of Pine River. During Prohibition, Charlevoix became a popular place for gang members from the Chicago area. The Colonial Club, a restaurant and gambling joint on the city's north side became known as a popular place for the Midwest's most powerful and influential.

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Charlevoix, Michigan

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Businesses in Charlevoix, Michigan

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Cycling Salamander


A fine and funky art gallery


Otis Pottery


Artist creations in stoneware,clay and porcelain


Todd Warner Studios



Bridge Street Inn


A three story, historic Colonial Revival home


MacDougall House


Come step back in time


The Inn at Grey Gables


Historic comfort


The Lodge Hotel


For over 50 years, The Lodge, a Charlevoix treasure


Weathervane Terrace Inn & Suites


Downtown Charlevoix's only AAA rated hotel


Castle Farms

Museums / Attractions

See the expansive gardens, hedge maze and garden railroad.


Fisherman's Island State Park

Museums / Attractions

Camping, hiking, swimming, picnic area, swimming and hunting


Edgewater Bistro


Imaginative and creative


Harbor View Cafe


Great home cooking for breakfast and lunch


Lago del Sole


Northern Italian style Steakhouse


Roquette Burger Bistro


We strive to give you the localest and freshest ingredients


Aartvark Studio and Gallery


Photography Studio & Gallery


Celeste Murdick's Fudge


Original Mackinac Island recipes




Handcrafted jewelry,art and home decor


Ga Ga For Kids


Clothing for children sizes 0 to 8


Revolution Bike


Stop in for all your bike and board needs!


Revolution Bike and Boards


All your bike, board and Disc Golf needs!


The Clothing Company


Men's and Women's, clothing, footwear and accessories