Artistic Soul Studio in Bowling Green, KY

"Nostalgia and man cave accessories "

Artistic Soul Studio

About Artistic Soul Studio

We have over 500 Movie items on display and hundreds of others in stock along with Movie/TV reference books , magazines, etc.I will be adding more items to this site as time permits. Artistic Soul features a fascinating collection of vintage and modern original art collected for over 25 years. My Studio has original (NO REPRODUCTIONS HERE) movie material of all kinds, antique papers, and other collectible memorabilia; some of which are autographed by celebrities that I have met and they personally signed for me at various Film Festivals around the country.. Any movie, advertising, or original art enthusiast would agree,

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Contact Information

1014 E. 11th Avenue
Bowling Green, KY

Hours of Operation: Thursday- Friday 1-5pm, Saturday 12-4pm

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