Lulu Burgess in Beaufort, SC

"Mundane has never even walked by our neighborhood "

Lulu Burgess

About Lulu Burgess

Globe-skipping Lulu is a bon vivant, fashion muse and part-time princess who doles out style advice with her trademark wicked wit and a sly wink.

Though there were murmurings that she was quietly secreted out of New York due to an international incident involving a certain ambassador at the United Nations, in truth, Lulu had simply run out of closet space. With her magpie-eye for anything shiny, cool, or that tickled her funny bone, Lulu had amassed trunk-loads of goodies from around the world.

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Contact Information


917 Bay Street
Beaufort, SC

Hours of Operation: Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, Sun 11-5

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