Osteria 177 in Annapolis, MD

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Osteria 177

About Osteria 177

Situated amongst the historic buildings that lead to the tranquil bay, Osteria 177 is one of Annapolis' premier dining spots, thriving on the taste and passion that encompasses Italian coastal cuisine.

A gastronomical delight, the culmination of the finest ingredients from sushi-grade ahi carpaccio to Fell's Point Beef creates a fine dining experience unlike any other. The menu at Osteria 177 draws in a steady clientele of locals and politicians as well as tourists enjoying the best the city has to offer. Once you walk through the door, the exquisite smells intoxicate you as you're greeted with warm, friendly service. Original paintings decorate the walls as the glittering chandeliers light the modern art deco style. Once you're seated, the menu takes center stage with regional cuisine and wines that will make your mouth water.

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Contact Information

177 Main Street
Annapolis, MD

Hours of Operation: Lunch and dinner daily

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